Getting started with MangaCat

Welcome to our getting started section! You've downloaded MangaCat or you are thinking of using it...either way, this section will get you started in the right direction.



When choosing an installer, make sure to choose the right installer for your operating system. When preparing to download an installer, make sure to check the installer name for hints as to the supported OS and bit type. As an example, I have an installer name which reads something like this:

MangaCat v0.5.0.0 Linux x86-setup.jar

I've highlighted the important bits in different colours:
  • Red - Version number of MangaCat
  • Blue - The operating system that the installer is meant for (Linux in this instance)
  • Green - Bit type for your oeprating system. x86 means 32 bit OS, x64 mean 64 bit OS.

Windows Installation
Installation is pretty straight forward. Just follow the installer instruction.

Linux Installation
This is a little more complicated. Linux users can watch this tutorial for a full explanation on installation

Getting started with MangaCat Media Library  


To get a full understanding of how the Media Library works and how to tag your files, watch this 30 minute tutorial (note that the file is 200MB  big)


Getting started with MangaCat Manga Reader


To understand how the Manga Reader works, watch this tutorial.


Gettig started with MangaCat Plugin Management


MangaCat is a pluggable application which means that you can enhance your MangaCat experience by downloading and installing additional plugins. To understand MangaCat plugin management and how you can install additional plugins, view this video tutorial.


Additional help and suggestions


You can visit our sourceforge page where you can join in discussions, log errors or request new features.

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